Free your ass

Do you take care of your skin and the area around your eyes? Do you hydrate and protect your hands? Do you use special skin products?

What is going on with your ass!!!

You cover it up all day without being able to see the light of day, you sit on it for hours, you torment it at the gym, you treat it badly without mercy. Enough! The revolution has begun. Japicul is a unisex body cream designed especially so your buttocks can get the dignity they deserve.

Bote Japicul

Unixex body cream for buttock hapiness

Ingredients: Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Urea, Aloe vera L., Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Cera Alba, Citrus medica limonum Oil, Mentha piperita Oil.

This is not a miracle cure. If you want an ass like the stare, move your ass and exercise.

Made by artesans

Each pack of Japicul is made under order, individually and completely handmade, without conservatives.

Dedicating huge amounts of love, as we do in Asturias

If you are interested in trying the products, contact us.



Proudly Made in The Principate


You too can actively participate in the Japicul revolution!


With a simple click!

Would you like to enjoy a longer versión of our clip? Help make japicul viral on the internet and we promise to reunite the band of asses in the recording studio:

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With your creativity

Download the Japicul song, get your craziest Friends together and make your own version of the clip. We will publish everything, as long as it is not too indecent, and we will award your talent.

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If you like the Project you can be part of it as an investor!

Together we can disrupt the cosmetic industry.

Very soon, through the INDIEGOGO crowdfunding platform you will be able to invest as you wish to develop all the potential of the brand and at the same time guarantee that your ass gets plenty of Japicul.

Restless Asses


Japicul is was created by COMPANGO, a conglomeration of asturian entrepreneurs. It is a pilot project of experimental character where we wanted to develop from scratch a new brand concept and product directed at the general public, questioning the cosmetic industry’s paradigms and advertising.

A co-created project with entrepreneurial collaboration with one sole premise : to have fun working together and to entertain the consumer.

The product

Sisters Alba and Ruth have been fundamental in taking part in the restless ass project, They are two entrepreneurs from Asturias that have been creating their own artesenal cosmetic products and they are responsible for cooking on a slow flame each jar of japicul. Because, in Japicul each unit is created upon order, a fresh and natural cream without preservatives and freshly made! If you are interested in working with is on this adventure, don’t hesitate to join the Japicul revolution.

Contact us

Japicul is a pilot Project to develop a body cream that is made completely in an artisanal manner.

If we surprised your ass, and you want to order or are interested in working with us in this initiative, contact us:

Call us now: 985 781 027

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